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"Professional, Personal, and Passionate... Fusion Dance pushes each dancer individually and as group to be the best at what they do from the VERY BEGINNING! No excuses. No wasted time. The choreography is fun, up-to-date and challenging, while the technique that is enforced is classical and demanding. Every student and teacher that participates in this workshop WILL become a better dancer, artist, and individual."

Diana Drexler


Diana Evans School of Dance and

Jordan Center Dance

professional, personal, and passionate...


"Fusion was amazing. They were so inspiring and brought out the best in our dancers. We love bringing in professional teachers and choreographers that really know their stuff and Fusion is at the top of their game. Not only are the Fusion faculty great teachers, but they focus on the dancers as individuals and connect on a deeper level. You can tell dance is what they love and it showed from the moment they stepped into our studio until the moment they left. We will definitely be bringing them back to share their passion of dance with us again in the future. Fusion rocks!!!"

Dance Dimensions

Longmont, Colorado

"Fusion brings professionalism and innovative techniques and choreography to each workshop but at the same time make it feel like we're all family. As a studio, we appreciate the enthusiasm, energy and positive reinforcement the Fusion team brings to the studio. They appear to challenge the girls tremendously, yet everyone leaves the experience with smiles, hugs and a feeling of personal and team accomplishment. After a workshop with Fusion, the girls want to know when and how soon they will be back!"


Tabatha Lemacks


Spotlight Dance Studio, Killeen, TX



"The Fusion Dance workshop was an awesome experience for our dancers. The Fusion staff was upbeat and got the dancers excited to learn! They didn't hesitate to give individual time and attention to each and every dancer - priceless!!! We can't WAIT to have Katie, Raymon, Kevin and Lilian back next year! "

Michelle Martin


Denver Dance Starz Studio 


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